The following workshops can be customized to the needs of your organization and delivered in-house.

Team Leader/Member Skills

More and more organizations are using "teams" to help them achieve their goals. To get teams off to a good start and keep them productive, however, members and leaders need to acquire new skills. This one-to two-day workshop will help you:

  • Understand the value of teams, what makes them effective and how you can contribute to team effectiveness
  • Identify team development stages and learn strategies to facilitate a team’s movement through the stages
  • Understand team decision making options and how consensus works
  • Increase the productivity of team meetings
  • Enhance communication with other team members
  • Prevent or manage common group problems and conflicts
  • Identify applications and actions for your team (if a team attends the workshop together)

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Leading Productive Meetings

No matter how much we complain about meetings, they are an important part of working life. The focus of this workshop is to help you get the best payback for the time you invest in meetings. Learn to lead or facilitate organized, productive meetings in which participants are focused and involved. Through this one-day workshop you will improve your ability to plan effective meetings, keep them on track, encourage enthusiastic participation, manage conflict and agreement, balance participation with time and task management, handle common meeting problems, get commitment to an action plan and follow up after the meeting.

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Managing Conflict Effectively

Conflict is a normal part of life. This one-day workshop is not about how to eliminate it, but how to expand your methods of dealing with it, and how to look at conflict as an opportunity to problem solve so that all parties can benefit. You will complete an assessment that helps you identify your "preferred" approach to conflict management, understand its appropriate use and when to try other options. Then you’ll learn to analyze actual conflict situations, including causes of the conflict, and develop practical approaches to handle each situation. Finally, you’ll learn and practice a conflict management process that helps all parties achieve win/win solutions.

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 Manage Time – Don’t Let It Manage You

We all face the same problem: how do we get more done when there’s only 24 hours in a day? To manage time, we need to manage ourselves by developing good time management habits. In this one-day workshop you will identify effective and ineffective ways you use your time by completing a self-assessment. Then you’ll focus on learning practical techniques to help you set goals, handle multiple priorities, curb interruptions, conquer procrastination, say "no" and feel good about it, and work effectively with others to better manage time. You will leave with a personal action plan to improve your time management habits.

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Effective Presentations

The number one fear of people in the United States is speaking in public. This one- to two-day workshop is designed to help you work through that fear and increase your confidence in preparing for, developing and delivering effective presentations. You will learn to identify "what’s in it" for your audience, organize the presentation for maximum impact, grab and hold audience attention, use visual aids appropriately and handle questions like a pro. You will have several opportunities to practice, present and get feedback on presentations.

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Win/Win Negotiation

All of us negotiate frequently, both on the job and in our personal lives. Whether you’re dealing with external customers and suppliers, or co-workers in your own organization, this 2-day workshop can help you gain the skills you need to produce good agreements and maintain the relationship between parties. You will learn: the behaviors used by successful negotiators, when and how to use five negotiating styles, the elements of win/win negotiation, how to plan effectively, the use of questions, the importance of identifying underlying needs and creating multiple options, how to counter win/lose tactics, and how to conduct "team" negotiations. The workshop includes extensive practice and feedback to enhance your confidence with the negotiation process.

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Understanding Yourself and Others

If you’ve ever wondered why someone "acts that way", this workshop is for you. You will learn how to increase your effectiveness and reduce frustrations in working with others. This one-half day or one-day seminar is centered around the Personal Profile SystemR, a self-report learning instrument used by almost 30 million people around the world. As a result of attending, you will:

  • Understand your own behavioral style and how you affect other people
  • Appreciate the differences among people
  • Develop ways you can work together to enhance group performance
  • Improve your personal effectiveness by enhancing your relationship with others

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Communicating Positively With Others

The ability to communicate effectively is a key factor in performing any job successfully. This 4- to 8-hour workshop focuses on practical communication skills to prevent misunderstandings, break down barriers, build rapport and achieve desired results with bosses, peers and those who report to you. You will learn techniques for and have an opportunity to practice:

  • Speaking with others so that the message is understood and "good-will" is maintained
  • Listening carefully for facts and feelings
  • Handling upset or angry people in a way that meets the needs of both parties

[Note: Understanding Yourself and Others and Communicating Positively With Others can be combined into one 8- to 12-hour workshop.]

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Effective Listening Skills

Today, more than ever, working with others successfully depends on the ability to listen effectively and respond appropriately. In this one-day workshop you will identify the communication barriers hindering your listening effectiveness, discover your "preferred" listening approach by completing the Personal Listening ProfileTM, understand five different listening approaches and when and how to use each in different communication situations, and practice techniques to enhance your listening skills.

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Performance Appraisals: How to Achieve Top Results

Most of us look forward to giving or receiving a performance appraisal about as much as if we were about to have a root canal. So how can performance appraisals become a more pleasant and productive process for all parties instead of a "gotcha"? This one- to two-day workshop will help you:

  • Set meaningful performance objectives and measure performance against objectives
  • Prepare for and conduct an effective, positive, legally defensible appraisal that helps employees develop
  • Enhance your coaching and feedback skills
  • Handle difficult situations in the appraisal process
  • Increase your confidence and comfort with the entire appraisal process

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